About Reader Cloud

Reader Cloud lets readers reach beyond the traditional boundaries of electronic books, connect their online and reading worlds and share their in-book data and experiences with others.

Interactivity within ebooks often comes in the form of widgets, which can add a quiz page, a note taking area, or a place to draw on a diagram within the book.

The Reader Cloud online service enables readers to share and save what they do when interacting with eBooks widgets. Once saved, the data can be downloaded to the eBook at anytime.

To save and load their data, readers simply login to the Reader Cloud by tapping the cloud icon in their eBook. The logo may appear at the beginning of a book (normally when it contains multiple interactive widgets) or on the widget itself. The saved data will then appear in the book and the reader can carry on where they left off.

Any data saved to the cloud can also be viewed on the Reader Cloud website and shared with others via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Readers can even communicate one-on-one with others from within the book, such as with the author, publisher, other readers, colleagues, friends or family members.

Any interactive widget that prompts the reader to enter data into the book, or interact with it, can be saved to the cloud. In addition data can also be shared from book to book e.g. from one book in a series to another. Examples of reader data are quiz answers, notes, game scores, instant messaging (chat), ratings, feedback and sketches.

An eBook with Reader Cloud enabled interactive widgets can be described as an app, a website and a book all rolled into one, with the result bringing out the best of each - the creativity and usability of an app, the portability of an eBook and the sociableness of the Internet.